Thursday, June 5, 2014

We Were Made To Complete One Another...not compete with one another.

I saw this picture and it really spoke to my heart. All of these women putting their hands and fingers together in order to create a picture, a message of love. Every day I pray that God's daughters will begin to see that we were created to complete one another and not compete with one another. What a different world this could be if we would put our hands and fingers together and work together, beyond our denominational church walls, and reach out to one another, and others, in the name of Christ. If we could do that we, too, would be creating a beautiful picture, a hopeful message of love! So the next time you are tempted to compare yourself to another sister in Christ, or you are tempted to gossip, or judge, or criticize another, save this picture in your memory and resist the temptation. We are more powerful for the Kingdom together!

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